How can I stay up-to-date on new crystals?

You can follow us on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok @kaiyascrystals! You can also subscribe to our email list! Just scroll all the way to the bottom of our home page and enter your email in the box provided!

How else can I shop?

One fun way to see new crystals in real-time is to attend one of my live sales on instagram. At the live sales, I show all of my new and available pieces, and you can claim any crystal that calls out to you! The live sales are a unique and fun way for crystal-lovers to shop (or just hang out) together! Prior to the live sale, I will make posts announcing the date and time on my instagram. Follow me on instagram @kaiyascrystals to stay updated and see sneak peeks!

I also post available items on my story, which is a great opportunity for those who can't attend a live sale to purchase crystals!

How do I purchase my claims from instagram?

After claiming items through an instagram sale, I will upload a custom listing onto this site for you. It will list your username, each of the items you purchased, as well as your total. Simply add the listing to your cart and purchase! 

*Please do not purchase anyone else's listing! You may only purchase the listing for the items you claimed. Purchasing someone else's listing will result in you being blocked from participating in future sales.*


Some crystals may have natural cracks, chips, or inclusions. Any items with serious/notable damage will be disclosed.

Some crystals are not safe in certain conditions (ex: sunlight, consumption), and some are heavy/sharp. Please be responsible and research your crystals. I am not responsible for any damage caused by them.

Please do not insert any crystals inside of your body. I am not responsible for any damage caused should you choose to do this.

The metaphysical properties of these stones have not been scientifically proven and I cannot guarantee any results. They should not be relied on to solve medical problems. Please consult a doctor in the event that you are experiencing medical problems.

By purchasing, you agree to these terms and conditions.